Online and in-person guitar lessons

FACE-to-face guitar lessons in-person or via video call (Zoom/Skype/Facetime) specialising in finger style, bottleneck/slide, blues, country and rock styles. Basic banjo tuition is also available.


Tried all the books, DVDs, YouTube lessons? They’re all great in their own way, but NOTHING beats face-to-face tuition…learn what YOU want to learn with instant tips, hints, feedback and all your questions answered.


The wonders of technology can bring student and teacher together without the added costs of travel and restrictions of location. All you need is a computer with a webcam or a smartphone/tablet and decent internet connection. Oh…and a guitar is useful too 😉


Taught personally by international touring musician, songwriter and recording artist Dave Arcari, this is a fantastic chance to learn direct from a working musician who is renowned worldwide for his innovative guitar style and performance.

Arcari’s teaching goes beyond guitar tuition – sessions could just as easily focus on guitar set up and equipment, songwriting, how to get gigs, making a living as a touring musician in fact…ask him anything!

Here’s what we do…

To enquire about lessons please use the form below…or phone/email using the contact details at the bottom of the page

    What Dave’s students have to say…

    Dave’s humour and his passion for what he does really shines through. His patience and willingness to return to previous lessons has been most appreciated by someone who is relatively new to the slide blues genre. His relaxed style has allowed me to enjoy my sessions without feeling pressured in any way. Highly recommended.

    Davie Sargent

    Innerleithen, Scotland

    Dave’s infectious passion for music makes lessons a pure joy. His versatility and many years of knowledge in the music industry make him ideal for every student from beginners to seasoned veterans.

    I took a slide guitar master class with Dave and it is by far the best thing I have ever done to improve my skills on the guitar. I would not hesitate to recommend these classes to anyone.

    Thanks Dave for all the tips, tricks and laughs.

    Barry Cregan

    Texas, USA

    I got a lot from the online masterclass – we all know that Dave can play, he can also teach as well.

    If you are at all interested in slide guitar he will get you on your way and if you are at a decent level of player he will help you to get to get even better.

    Plus – check out his custom slides, I liked them so much I got two!

    Nam Barrie

    Glasgow , Scotland

    Slide guitar, fingerpicking, banjo, you name it and Dave will teach it. My lessons are done over Zoom with no hassle at all (you can even record the lesson to play back as and when you need it).

    I really believe (even if the family disagree) that my slide playing has come on leaps and bounds. You learn at your own pace and Dave is very patient but he will push you along to improve your playing.

    All in all highly recommended.

    Neil Madden

    Hull, England

    Dave Arcari’s slide workshop was great and everything was made simple and easy to understand. It really gave me a start in learning to use a bottleneck. 

    Martin Shields

    Glasgow, Scotland

    If you know what Dave is like live expect the same from his lessons. Enthusiastic about his music and sharing it, friendly and full of stories. Keen to pass on lots of information – whatever your level you’ll get a lot out of the tuition.

    Arthur Ely

    Washington, England

    Doing online guitar lessons with Dave at the moment. Enjoying them very much. Going at the right pace. Lots to practice.

    Alison Buchanan

    Glasgow, Scotland

    I really like Dave’s playing. so the chance came to have a class with him I jumped at. The class was enjoyable with some insight into Dave’s approach to playing. Would recommend anyone if the get the chance to have a lesson with Dave to do so. Also he doesnt charge an arm and a leg which is pretty cool.

    Bud Smith

    New York, USA

    Dave teaches in a friendly and relaxed manner that gets his message over very clearly.

    Margaret Reid

    Glasgow, Scotland


    What do lessons/sessions cost?

    Our lessons cost £15 per half hour.
    Workshops and masterclasses vary according to venue (physical or online), number of particpants and duration as well as any other factors affecting time/travel etc.

    How long are the lessons?

    Lessons are 30 minutes – sometime they may be a few minutes longer.

    How do I arrange and book a lesson/session?

    You can use this form…or email …or send us a message via our Facebook page and let us know:

    • who you are/contact details
    • online or in-person lesson/s
    • when you would like your lesson/session
    • your current playing level – ie: complete newbie / beginner / intermediate / advanced
    • any particular style of music or playing – acoustic/electric/slide –folk /country / blues / Americana /rock

    …and we’ll get back to you ASAP with possible dates and get something in the diary!

    How do I pay for my lesson/session?

    When a lesson/session ios confirmed/agreed you will get an invoice via PayPal. Payment is due by or bfore the date/time of the lesson/session.

    What do I need?

    All you need for your lesson/session is:

    • a guitar (or banjo!)
    • either a computer with a webcam or a suitable smartphone/tablet
    • a good internet connection 
    • earphones/headphones are often useful but not a necessity
    I've never played I ready for a lesson?

    Of course! Dave’s lessons are tailored to your specific needs.

    Do I need to commit to more than one lesson?

    No – there is no ongoing commitment. 

    How many lessons will I need?

    It depends. A lot of the time taken to learn is practice time between lessons/sessions, how much practice a student puts in and, to a certain extent., a student’s particular ability.

    Some folks only need one or two sessions to set them on the right track, introduce a specific technique or style…or perhaps help tem overcome an onstacle in the way of their playing.

    Other students prefer a more regular, structured approach over five, ten or more lessons/sessions while some students enjoy regular, ongoing lessons.

    How often are the lessons?

    Entirely up to the student. Dave generally recommends weekly or fortnightly lessons/sessions but some students like more time between elssons to give them more time to practice and refine the skills and techniques iontorduced each lesson.

    What's a 'masterclass' ?

    A masterclass (or workshop) usually introduces a new technique or style to those who already have a little knowledge/playing ability.

    Complete beginners can also benefit from the masterclass/workshop format which gives an overall and general insight into the subject matter as well as the benefit of Dave’s experience/knowledge….and the chance to ask specific questions.

    Dave’s masterclasses/workshhops are usually one-off online events over Zoom with a maximum of 15 participants. They are announced well in advance via this Facebook page as well as wider social media.

    Topics may be  guitar playing/technique/style-related – or focussed on songwriting,





    TEL: +44 (0) 1360 870248
    eMAIL: dave (at)